Your personal accessibility expert can provide training and consultation. Accessibility is complex and vast; let an expert help.

Shawn’s experience training for accessibility

I have given over 100 hundred trainings in the area of accessibility, assistive technology, and alternate media. I have trained faculty, staff, students, colleges, universities, government offices, banks, information technology companies, security companies, and individuals all about accessibility.

Current offerings

Section 508 best practices

This training will cover the basics of Section 508. Participants will be able to understand the role of Section 508 in their organization, interpret what is included in Section 508 compliance, review relevant disability law and standards, and recognize best practices for incorporating universal design and inclusivity.

PDF Accessibility – Adobe Acrobat

This PDF Accessibility training will cover the basics of making a pdf accessible. Topics include: setting up adobe acrobat tools, tags overview, action wizard, accessibility full check, auto tagging, accessibility checker, the reading order tool, color contrast and document meta data.

I will personally walk you through the process of creating Section 508 compliant documents.

Need a sneak peak? Check out my YouTube Channel.

Microsoft Word Accessibility

The MS Word accessibility training is in depth and covers the basics of creating Section 508 compliant word documents. This training will explore applying common formatting elements like headings, list items, tables, links, alternate text, and other accessibility features within Microsoft Word.

This training is perfect for those who work with word documents or for those who create PDFs from word documents.

Not sure about this? You can also order document remediation instead.

Custom Training

Need a training that is not on the list? Reach out and lets discuss.

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