Your personal accessibility expert for your project. Accessibility made simple.

WCAG or 508 alignment

Shawn Jordison can assist your organization or project in aligning to specific accessibility criteria. Adhering to accessibility best practices does not have to be difficult, let me help you get accessible. My experience ranges from colleges and universities, top government offices, content agencies, major US banks, and TONS of marketing agencies.

College and University Experience

As a California Community College and a California State University graduate (and employee), I know what it takes to reach students and staff in a meaningful way. I have personally worked with colleges and districts across the country align their accessibility goals. Training, remediation, consulting, and about a million emails; Shawn Jordison is ready to support. I have helped aligned 100’s of courses for accessibility including those required for the CVC-OEI Rubric Section D. I have given countless trainings and webinars on various accessibility topics like Section 508, PDF Remediation, MS Word accessibility, Captioning best practices and many many others. So let me help you get accessible.

Government and Agency

There is no project too small, but also; there is no project too big. I have experience with applying policy and program administration, procurement best practices, accessibility testing, providing education and awareness, and centering myself as a pillar of community support. I believe in human centered design as the basis for any project. I can assist with rapid wireframes, user stories, suggest improvements to your Section 508 processes and procedures, develop and implement trainings, videos, standard operating procedures and marketing materials.