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Unique Slide Titles and PowerPoint Accessibility

Every slide title needs to be unique

Every slide in the slide deck should have a unique slide title.

Video Overview

Why should I have unique slide titles?

People who rely on assistive technology to review presentations will often navigate by the heading or title structure. If you end up converting the document to another format like PDF, the slide titles will come through as headings.

Failing Example

In the example below there are 5 different slides that share the exact same title.

Passing Example

In order to apply unique slide titles simply add a number to the end of each slide. The quickest method to change the title of a slide is to edit in outline view.

  1. Select View
  2. Select Outline View

Then simply add a number or change the title altogether. The image below shows an outline view of a presentation with numbers added to make slide titles unique.


The built in accessibility checker within PowerPoint is exceptional at notifying for this error.

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