Course Review - Accessibility


Course Review – Accessibility


Course review for accessibility. Receive a detailed report on all accessibility issues found in course including content pages, PDF, PPT, Word docs, and uncaptioned videos.


An accessibility review is a comprehensive report on accessibility elements that should be addressed. This review will include pages in the course, external files, and a collection of third party links. Reviews can be customized to specific rubrics like the OEI-CVC or Quality Matters.  This detailed analysis will give oversight to the most commonly found accessibility errors within the course.

The following items are included in a review:

  • Canvas content pages
  • PDFs
  • Word Docs
  • PPTs
  • Third party content
  • Videos

The following accessibility elements will be reported:

  • headings
  • alternate text
  • lists
  • links
  • table headings
  • color contrast
  • Any errors in Adobe Acrobats accessibility report
  • Any errors in Microsoft Offices accessibility inspection

This report will include a direct link to the error and detailed information on how to fix the content.

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