Apply 508 Accessibility - Align your Canvas course with accessibility standards

$100.00 $80.00


Apply 508 Accessibility – Align your Canvas course with accessibility standards

$100.00 $80.00

Full Course Accessibility – Canvas Pages, PDFs, PPTs, Docs, Captioning. Hourly or contact for per project basis.



We review and remediate your courses. We can provide you with a breakdown of all the necessary fixes, or simply fix them for you. We will remediate all aspects of the course including content pages, PDF files, word documents, other file types, uncaptioned videos and third party content. Additionally, we can provide guidance for future course development.

  1. Content Pages – All content pages will be reviewed and fixed. Typical items on content pages include applying headings, alternate text to images, proper use of color contrast, built in lists, formatted links, captioned videos, proper use of tables and table headers, and third party links.

  2. Documents in course – All documents in course will be reviewed and aligned with WCAG 2.0 AA standards. PDFs will have properly tagged structure, headings, alternate text, reading order, embedded links and will pass Adobe Acrobats built in accessibility checker. Word documents will pass the built in accessibility checker. Accessible word docs can later be translated into Braille, Audio Files, or Accessible PDFs. PowerPoint slides will be reviewed, fixed, and aligned to WCAG 2.0 AA Standards.

  3. Uncaptioned Videos – Any and all uncaptioned videos will be sent out for captioning, and replaced into the course.

  4. Third Party Content – The only items that we cannot fix is content that is built in through a third party APP. This often includes publisher materials. We can provide an accessibility review and give a general consensus, however; wont be able to fix content that is hosted through a third party application.


  1. Invite info@shawnjordison to your course shell.

  2. Send us an email indicating whether you would like just a review or full course remediation.

  3. We will send you a quote for a detailed review or full remediation.

  4. We will provide full detailed review or full remediation and email you back with Invoice and detailed document of all accessibility fixes made.

Contact us for questions for multiple courses.


Additional information

Accessible PDFs

All PDFs will be Section 508 compliant, and pass the built in adobe acrobat accessibility checker. Files can also be converted into canvas pages upon request.

Accessible PowerPoint FIles

All PPT files will be Section 508 compliant, and pass the built in microsoft accessibility checker.


All videos will be sent out for captioning. Client will be billed for captioning services as a seperate line item.

Canvas Pages

All canvas pages will have accessibility applied including: Headings, lists, links, alternate text, color contrast check, table headers and other content on page.


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