Common List Errors in Canvas


Lists are handled differently by screen readers and can be confusing to read if used improperly. Properly designed lists can be copied to other software while maintaining the structure, which might assist students in responding to prompts. If you have a list of items – put them in an actual list!

  • Bulleted lists are for lists where order is unimportant
  • Numbered lists are for lists where order is important

Actual Errors

Using dashes as list items seems to be the number one culprit of a failed list.

– When we use dashes, we are not using a true structural element.

To fix the above, simply use a bullet instead.

  • When we use bullets, we are providing structure to our content.

Using numbers or a step system is the 2nd most common issue ive seen.

Step 1 and some directions
Step 2 and some directions
Step 3 and some directions

To fix the above, put into a numbered list: This numbered list uses the built in structure and is recognized as a numbered list.

  1. Some directions
  2. Some more directions
  3. The last direction

To apply lists in Canvas, follow these steps:


Ensure your in edit mode

Select the edit button in the top right of the page.
Select Edit Button in top right corner of the page

Select the text you would like made into a list & then select the appropriate list from the Rich Content Editor

Selecting content to be a list, and then selecting list.

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